What a refreshing, quiet, relaxing little haven Getaway”

Reviewed 27 November 2012 TRIP ADVISOR

Gallery_v3_01-300x171OMG …. how absolutely refreshing to find such a place so close to Brisbane that’s easily accessible and affordable. I have taken advantage of several deals and always taken my two children with me and absolutely we all have loved our stay. As soon as you set foot onto the Island it’s as if time slows down and everyone there are so relaxed, the people are friendly and genuine. Families walk the streets ( yes on the road not the footpath, as there are so few vehicles being driven, and if so at very low speed), the resort staff as very helpful and whilst the reception can sometimes be found unattended, you never have to wait more then a minute of two as the owners are always back and forth attending to guests, they are very hands on and this is part on the whole charm of staying in such a relaxed little getaway. The gardens are beautiful and both my children loved the pool and beach basketball area. The food is very nice ‘yummy’ was often used at our dinner table when discribing each others meals and fairly priced.

Testimonial-236x300The rooms are ‘dated’ but nice and clean and spacious. We have stayed several times now in different rooms and the beds provide a good night sleep,

better then some higher priced main land options we have experienced. I don’t mind if the tiles are 30yrs old as long as they


are clean, and the rooms are kept in a very clean condition. (Plus I like the older ‘home’ feel…takes me back, and adds to our fondness of the whole experience). If you like staying at ‘The Ritz’ there are ‘dime a dozen’ ivory towers to take your money for your generic clinical experiences. I would encourage those wanting to remember how good life ‘use to be’ in a more momories of weekend holidays on Coochie Mudlow that will last a lifetime in my children’s memories  Thankyou


so much, The Hurley Family.

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