Enjoy a Vacation Free of Cooking by Staying at Coochiemudlo Island Hotel

Part of the joys of vacations is being able to depart from our daily routine. We can live in a new location, seeing new sights and making new memories. We can take a break from chores, letting room service take care of the cleaning of our bathroom and kitchen and washing of our linen instead.

Your vacation should be an ultimate getaway, and part of the fun should be being able to depart from your daily routine by not needing to cook while you are there. The time you spend cooking and cleaning is time you should spend exploring and relaxing.

At Coochiemudlo Island Hotel, you get to get a vacation away from cooking. While staying at our beach resort, you get access to our fully licensed restaurant. Let our talented staff whip up decadent meals for you to savour. After savouring your meal, you can enjoy not needing to do the dishes. You are on vacation; you should not have to!

Of course, if you want to cook, the rooms at the Coochiemudlo Island Hotel are set up to allow for you to make meals. The kitchens come complete with a fridge, kettle, microwave, coffee mugs, glasses, and teaspoons. You can choose to hire cutlery and crockery cooking utensils, and an oven. With so many relaxing options, from lounges to cocktails by the poolside, you can spend your vacation doing something other than cooking.