Enjoy a Romantic Getaway at a Coochiemudlo Holiday Apartment

As a couple, it can be hard to find time for just the two of you. The day gets filled up with work, housework, taking care of the kids, reconnecting with friends, your own hobbies and interests, and before you know, it is time for bed. Many couples loving going on vacation for the simple fact that it forces you to get out of the never-ending cycle of things to do.

A stay at a Coochiemudlo Holiday Apartment provides the perfect romantic getaway for you two to connect as a couple. You can put yourself in a new environment, away from the dinging of work emails or fighting of the kids. You can immerse yourselves in a relaxing, tropical atmosphere. From the first few moments upon arrival, you can feel your built-up stress melt away.

Wander through our tropical gardens or along our Main Beach, feeling the sounds and sights of nature reduce your stress. You two can walk hand in hand, reminiscing and taking the time to reconnect. Nature has an uncanny ability to help us detach from all the projects on our mind and our glaring handheld screens, instead turning the focus to each other.

With your Coochiemudlo Holiday Apartment, you get access to a restful space that is air-conditioned and fully insect screened. You also get a television and private bathroom with bath towels and bed linen provided. We work hard to make your stay at a Coochiemudlo Holiday Apartment as comfortable as possible so you can focus on the reason you came: each other.