Accommodation-1-300x168…everything you are looking for in holiday accommodation the Resort consists of seven one-bedroom garden and poolside apartments, four two-bedroom garden and seaview apartments , a two bedroom fully self catering Guest House and the attached Guest Villa – open plan kitchens all equipped with fridge,kettle, microwave.2 coffee mugs,water glasses,teaspoons.

  • (available for hire – cutlery and crockery,cooking utensils,oven- please order at time of booking

All bedrooms are air-conditioned, ceiling fans in lounges, fully insect screened, television, private bathrooms with bath towels and bed linen provided.(You will need to bring your beach towels)

One bedroom poolside apartments for $190 p/n for up to 2 People

One bedroom large garden view apartments for $220 p/n for up to 2 People

Two bedroom Garden View apartments for up to 4 People

Two Bedroom Waterview apartments for up to 4 people

Guest House (Fully self catering with oven/cooktop) for $360 p/n for up to 8 people

Guest Villa for $320 p/n for up to 8 People

Terms & Conditions

Any booking made with Coochie Island Resort is conditional to the Guest having fully read and understood the following Terms & Conditions.


Please note that Coochie Island Resort has a NO REFUND policy and the following Cancellation Fees apply:

  • Cancellation of a booking more than 30 days prior to date of arrival will incur a Fee of 15% of the Total Tariff.
  • Cancellation of a booking 30 days to 8 days prior to date of arrival will incur a Fee of 50% of the Total Tariff.
  • Cancellation of a booking 7 days or less prior to date of arrival will incur a Fee of 100% of the total Tariff.
  • Cancellation of bookings in apartments for 8 or more Guests 60 days or less prior to date of arrival will incur a Fee of 100% of the Total Tariff.
  • A request to amend booking dates 7 days or less prior to date of arrival will result in a Cancellation and will incur a Fee of 100% of the Total Tariff
  • Travel insurance is recommended for medical and cancellation coverage.
  • In addition to any Cancellation Fee, there is a minimum Administrative Fee of $50 if you make changes to a booking.


Coochie Island Resort is located at 10-16 Dawn Street Coochiemudlo Island

Phone +61 0732077521

Office hours between 10.00am -8.30pm


The name of the person on the original booking form remains the sole contact and is responsible for all communications with Coochie Island Resort.

  • A Guest Registration Form must be completed at or before check-in by the person who made the booking confirming agreement to allow the debiting of their credit card. As part of this registration, Guests are agreeing to allow Coochie Island Resort to debit the credit card given for the cost of any breaches of the Terms & Conditions outlined in this document.
  • A security bond and current driver’s license can be requested for any booking.
  • All bookings must be confirmed with a minimum of 50% deposit upon booking. We do not take tentative bookings or “hold” properties on a Guest’s behalf. The balance of your payment must be received at least 14 days before your arrival date or the booking may be cancelled by Coochie Island Resort with no refund of the deposit.
  • Payments may be made using Visa, MasterCard, Money Order or direct deposit to “Coochie Island Resort Personal cheques will only be accepted if full payment is received as cleared funds at least 14 days before arrival date.
  • In the event that Coochie Island Resort agree to accept a cash payment for an apartment or studio without a credit card as security, a $200 cash bond is required. Where this bond payment is made by cash it will be reimbursed to a nominated bank account within 5 working days from departure date.
  • A “full house” tariff will apply for a weekend stay booked more than 21 days in advance where not all apartments are required.
  • In addition to any Cancellation Fee, there is a minimum Administrative Fee of $50 if you make any changes to a booking.
  • Coochie Island Resort has the right to refuse a booking.

Accommodation Terms of Use

To ensure the safety of Guests and the sustainability of the property, a maximum number of Guests are insured for each property. Events, parties and gatherings are not permitted on the premises without prior written consent from Coochie Island Resort and may result in your booking being cancelled without refund.

There is a 2 Night Minimum Stay Policy applied for all weekend bookings. Extended Minimum Stays and altered tariffs may be applied during holidays, long weekends and peak periods at the sole discretion of Coochie Island Resort.

  • Weekend Nights are Thursday & Friday, Friday & Saturday or Saturday & Sunday. Consecutive nights from Sunday to Thursday are categorised as Midweek.
  • Check-in time is 2 PM on the day of your arrival and the property must be vacated and keys returned to our reception by 10am on the day of your departure unless otherwise advised by Coochie Island Resort
  • Keys may be collected at the reception in Aloha Restaurant after 2 PM and before 4 PM Monday – Thursday and Saturdays, before 6.00 PM Friday or before 3 PM Sundays and Public Holidays. Please contact Coochie Island Resort by telephone or email during office hours if you wish to make alternative arrangements for key collection.
  • Changes to bedding configurations incur a $25 fee per bed should Guests change the original booking request.
  • Guests choose their own style apartment. Coochie Island Resort is not responsible if the style of the apartment does not meet Guest expectations. Please view the accommodation on prior to booking and call our office if you have any queries about the property.
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances, Coochie Island Resort reserves the right to allocate your booking to a similar room style or relocate you to an alternative apartment of equivalent style and tariff.
  • As all properties are privately owned, Coochie Island Resort is not responsible for the failure of any utilities, essential services and appliances. If the issue cannot be resolved, you may be required to relocate.
  • Requests for assistance or maintenance may result in a minimum $50 Call out Fee where the Guest is at fault.
  • Tariffs will apply for any additional Guests staying at the apartment not included in the original booking request. Please advise Coochie Island Resort and make necessary payment. If additional unpaid Guests are found staying in the property, your booking will be cancelled and you will be asked to vacate the property. NO refund will be given.
  • Any additional cleaning incurred will be charged directly to you. Please leave your accommodation tidy.
  • Unless alternative arrangements are made, keys must be returned to the Coochie Island Resort reception located at Aloha Restaurant. If keys are left at the apartment, a Collection Fee of up to $50 will apply.
  • Coochie Island Resort is not responsible for the security of your belongings and encourages you to ensure your accommodation is secure when not occupied. Please note that only one set of keys will be issued per property.
  • Please respect the privacy of our local community and the neighbours. If a Guest’s behaviour or noise level is unreasonable, a warning will be given. Further complaints or choosing to ignore this warning will result in the cancellation of your booking. You will be asked to vacate the property and NO refund will be given.
  • The entire complex is non smoking. Failure to comply with the No Smoking Policy will result in a minimum $200 fine. You may also be liable for the tariffs of any future bookings lost as a result of your non-compliance.

Damaged or Missing Property

  • Please notify Coochie Island Resort immediately of any loss or damage to the property, including keys. A Key Replacement Fee of $50 will be charged, in addition to any locksmith’s charges, to replace or change locks throughout the property.
  • In the event that the property is damaged maliciously or beyond normal wear and tear or in the event that item(s) of property belonging to the property owner is/are lost or taken during the duration of your booking, Coochie Island Resort reserves the right to charge repair and/or replacement costs to the person responsible for the booking via credit card details provided at the time of booking or check-in or to withhold the cash bond provided.

Additional Costs

  • In the event that a property is not left in a reasonably clean, neat and tidy state upon departure, the Guest(s) agree(s) to an excess cleaning charge. For example Guests are to ensure that any excess dirt or mud is cleaned from floors; all dishes are to be cleaned and all items are to be put back in their original places; all furniture is to be returned to its original place; spillages are to be cleaned and any serious stains are reported to Coochie Island Resort.
  • Please note that all linen is commercially laundered. Please do not put linen in the washing machine during your stay or prior to your departure. Towels supplied by the Resort are not permitted for use outside the apartment.
  • Coochie Island Resort reserves the right to debit your credit card or to request payment in full for any outstanding charges that apply to your booking. This includes extra cleaning, extra or excessive rubbish removal, additional Guests, extended stays, late check-outs, extra beds occupied, failing to comply with the No Smoking Policy, lost keys, removal of item(s) belonging to the Resort, call-outs, repairs or damage to a property.
  • Resort grounds and gardens – kicking of balls, climbing trees, use of Bikes, skateboards or scooters or anything which may damage the lawns gardens are not permitted at the complex.
  • Due to fire safety regulations, walkways between apartments are to be kept clear of obstacles.
  • No glass is permitted in the pool area.The pool is available for use between 9am and 6pm.

Consumption of Liquor

  • The complex is fully licenced – alcohol and other beverages are available to purchase at the Aloha Restaurant and Poolside Bar & Grill by the pool, and may be taken to your apartment.
  • The 1992 Liquor Act of Queensland, states that patrons are prohibited from bringing alcohol onto a Licensed Site as is the sale of alcohol & supply of alcohol to minors. These rules apply to Coochie Island Resort as a Licensed Premises. Subsequently no alcohol may be brought onto the premises and evidence of proof of age is mandatory.

It is the responsibility of the Guest to read all Terms & Conditions prior to making a booking.